Welcome to Adoption


A couple of months ago I was captivated by a family at New Word Alive who have adopted a couple of kids. I was fascinated as I watched the way the siblings interacted with each other, I was blown away as I watched the parents serve and love their children and I was reminded of the fact that, unlovely as I am, God
chose me to be a part of His family before I was born.

My initial reaction to seeing that family was ‘I could never do that’. And that reaction got me thinking. Why couldn’t I do that? What is stopping me? What makes me so paralysed by fear? What am I clinging to that I can’t let go of?

I decided my response of ‘I could never do that’ just didn’t sit right. I had to challenge it and decided to make my elective study module this term on Relay all about adoption. At first I didn’t know where that would take me or what direction I wanted to go in at all. But as I thought more and more I decided that I wanted to tell people’s stories of adoption and fostering, firstly to challenge my own fears, and secondly to encourage other people to challenge theirs and to consider adoption or fostering right now. The best way I could think of telling these stories is by doing what I love most – filming, photographing and writing.

So over the next few weeks my ‘Welcome to Adoption’ series will comprise of a few films, a few photo stories and my own thoughts on the theology and reality of adoption and fostering. My hope is not ultimately that your heart will be warmed or that you will shed a little tear. Although I know some of the stories will move you deeply. My ultimate hope is that you might walk away from hearing about each family and realise the full wealth of the adoption we have received into God’s family, and that you would be encouraged to know that this is something you could be involved in as well.

I’m excited about the next few weeks as things start to come together! Stay tuned for the next blog post coming soon.