What Am I Giving Up for Lent?


I have decided to give up Rom-Coms.

It was a spur of the moment decision when Sam my fellow Relay worker asked me what I was giving up. Its because I watched one last night. And it made me feel desperately alone. It made me feel insecure about not having a boyfriend. It made me hunger for marriage. It made me discontented and ungrateful for the friendships God has bountifully provided. All in 120 minutes. Those 120 minutes tempted me to be dissatisfied with my Saviour and pleaded with me to raise up an alluring god in the form of relationships.

So Rom Coms are gone. Not because I think I’m holier than you. Go ahead and carry on watching them, especially if they don’t affect you like that. Maybe I’m just weaker and more susceptible to idolatry. All in all I’m giving them up because I can’t bear to be tempted away from the God I love.

Happy Pancake Day!!


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